emerson-eggerichs on abusive parentsPersonal Story of Abuse

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs Reveals Painful Episode From His Own Childhood And Suggests “Time Outs” For Parents.  Eggerichs new book, Love & Respect In The Family, offers valuable insights into the way kids think and how parents can react in healthier ways.

Love & Respect in Your Family

Dr. Eggerichs is famous for his bestselling book, Love & Respect, which has helped save thousands of marriages.  Now, he brings those same principles to the family to help struggling parents and kids with Love & Respect In The Family!

Abusive Parents & Hurting Children

Get Healthy Parenting Tips about “parental timeouts” and more!  See Dr. Eggerichs in short video clip and then hear more on CM Podcasts. More at loveandrespect.com


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