Addiction Stories Stu fuhlendorfAddiction Stories: Rich, Successful & Addicted

Unbelievable story of couple’s journey toward wealth, success and struggle with addiction to alcohol, food & career.  Hear the candid tale of this couple who nearly lost their marriage and more.  Stu & Trish Fuhlendorf on recovery and help for others…

Nothing Satisfied In Midst Of Addiction

They were successful millionaires, but addiction nearly ruined it all.  Story of hope and recovery that anyone can be inspired by…. how notable success, big homes and fancy cares weren’t enough…. and the one thing that saved them.  Addiction stories should be told, in in order to give others hope and help.

One Thing That Changed Everything

More on Addiction Stories uploads soon to CM Podcasts.  You can also contact Stu Fuhlendorf at



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