P-YanceyBestselling Author Points To Huge Rise In Negative Views Of Christians

Just 30 seconds – Short preview of alarming trend! Bestselling author, Philip Yancey, reveals shocking statistics on the surge in negative views of Christians in America… and WHAT he wants to do about it.  Philip Yancey is a journalist and bestselling Christian author (Where Is God When It Hurts?, The Jesus I Never Knew) who covers the growing negative trend and what to do about it in his new book Vanishing Grace.

Are They Anti-Christian Or Just Feeling Judged?

Some people view Christians as having an “us vs. them” attitude in their view of unbelievers.  Statistics are alarming… showing a huge change in how people view Christians since the 1960’s.  In one part of a recent survey, only 3% of non-Christians has a favorable view of “evangelicals.”

SEE MORE Of Interview And Discover Solutions

Hear full-length interview in April on ChannelMom Radio PLUS more video clips HERE.  The Good News: The anti-Christian trend can be changed with just one or two shifts in how Christians reach out to an unbelieving world.  More at philipyancey.com

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