When it comes to moms and their bodies, here’s the deal: how a mom views her body directly affects how her child – especially a daughter – views her body.  We all know kids are born copycats.  Kids copy us.  We, the parents, are the chosen role models for the children we bring into this world.  So, I ask you to consider your role model status, as I offer up some incredible statistics.  I ask  you to think about your own attitudes, in regard to these statistics.  Consider the fact that YOUR attitude can become your CHILD’S attitude.  Here goes…

A full 80% of U.S. women do NOT like the way they look.  Even 25 years ago, 75% of women felt they were too fat… and you don’t think kids notice these things?  I think they do.  And I have proof…in further statistics.  Among children in grades 1 to 3, 42% want to be thinner. Among children 8 to 10 years old, 50% are dissatisfied with their body size.  And, among 10-year-olds, 81% are afraid of becoming fat.  Many of these kids also claim to be on diets.*

So, what’s a mom to do we do with this statistical insecurity? Well, first, we’ve got to admit that there is an obesity problem in this country —  a problem that’s killing people.  Again, the stats claim 6 out of every 10 adults is obese and approximately 300,000 deaths a year are blamed on obesity.  But, beyond that, how do we help our children approach their nutrition and their bodies in a positive and healthy way?  Honestly,  I think almost every parent wants their child to feel good because they are healthy and to feel good about how they look.  So, I challenge you to commit yourself to just that.  You, as a mom, can help your child make decisions that are good for their body and good for the way they feel about their body.  And, allow me to thank you for doing this for your children and for our world.

*Statistics taken from Eating Disorders 411.com

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Jenny is passionate about the important role of mothers in modern America. She believes the role of moms is often overshadowed by popular culture values… like the spotlight we place on celebrities and the celebrity lifestyle. Jenny wants moms everywhere to understand they are celebrities to their Creator.

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