stasi eldredge Surprising Beauty Secrets For Women And Girls

Wow… these are some amazing tips from Stasi Eldredge (wife of John Eldredge whose authored many books, including Wild At Heart and Captivating with Stasi).  Man, do women struggle with their beauty image and Stasi wants to help nip that struggle in the bud at a young age.  She offers up surprising beauty secrets in her new book Free To Be Me to help young women have beauty confidence and embrace who they’re meant to be.

Helping Young Women Have Beauty Confidence

Fans of Stasi Eldredge will enjoy these amazing tips on true beauty for females of all ages.  Young women (and older) can get beyond insecurity and comparison with help from Stasi.  Her new book Free To Be Me aims to help girls and women find their beauty and live it confidently.

More Of Stasi’s Advice

More of this interview posting soon to CM Podcasts or find more from Stasi at

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