boomerang kidsWill Your Grown Kids Move Back In Some Day?

Huge new trend toward kids moving back in & relying on parents for financial support with college debt and more! Could this affect YOU or is there a way to avoid “boomerang kids” trend?  One mom shares her story… and what may be to blame.

Boomerang Kids May Be Trend For American Economy

Some economists predict boomerang kids may be here to stay with 1 in 5 people in their 20’s & early 30’s living with his or her parents.  Cathy Markino shares her fairly typical story of son living rent-free at home while working a job, in order to pay off college debt.

More on Boomerang Kids And This Interview

More of this interview is uploading soon to CM Podcasts or see article in New York Times Magazine on the research and statistics.

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