Christian mom on Caitlyn Jenner and JesusChristian Mom Admits Daughter Struggles With Transgender Identity

A Christian mom blogged about how her oldest daughter identified with Chaz Bono and Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner… and her blog took off.  Her blog was entitled, Bruce Jenner, Chaz Bono and My Oldest Daughter. What surprising advice does she offer when it comes to this issue and her Christian faith?  This conversation is WAY better than most of what you’ve seen in the mainstream media.

How She Met The Issue With Faith: Caitlyn Jenner And Jesus

Lori Wildenberg blogs about her Christian faith as it relates to parenting issues.  One of her most popular blog posts was her recent admission that her oldest daughter struggles with the “Bruce Jenner issue” and has contemplated sex change.   What does she recommend and how would she advise other parents to discuss the issue with their kids? She believes many parents worry about their own kids struggling with “gender dysphoria” or transgender feelings when they’re young; however, research shows most of those children don’t continue to have those feelings into adulthood.

More of this interview uploading to CM Podcasts or see more at  Hope this offers help to at least one parent or child…

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