conscious parentingAuthor Of  The Conscious Parent Says NO Is A”Soul Crusher”

Speaking to Oprah, Dr. Shefali Tsabary has recommended that parents stop saying “no.”  You’ve GOT to listen to this odd advice for parents on “conscious parenting.”  Our Behavior Makeover experts have strong words for this kind of parenting approach… and one of their words is not “yes.”  Get alternative parenting advice in this clip from Behavior Makeover with Anne Wiggins & Linda Williams.   Hint: they let you say “no” to your kids.

Behavior Makeover For Your Kids – Just Say No

Despite what the Doctor told Oprah, you can say “no” and achieve great results with your kids.  While saying “no” too often can lead to bad results, saying “yes” all the time can be devastating to a child’s future.  Anne Wiggins & Linda Williams are the authors of  Parenting From The Heights and produced the How-To Parenting DVD.

More Reaction To Conscious Parenting

More from this interview on CM Podcasts.  And you can find more of Anne & Linda’s parenting tips at

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