Hoarders TV  ShowDramatic change described by Hoarders TV Show Host

His touching story… Matt Paxton gets personal, while discussing his former stint on Hoarders TV show on A&E.   This well-known TV host shares WHAT changed and how it affected his financial life PLUS what happened when he was left to care for his kids for a weekend and how it made him appreciate his wife.

14 Million Hoarders Need Help!

Beyond his inspiring “fatherhood changed my life” story…Matt shares the incredible reasons behind hoarding and how addressing those reasons can help end the hoarding.  If you know a “hoarder” or struggle with the issue, Matt can help!  Matt helps train folks to understand hoarding with ServiceMaster.

More From Matt Paxton

Matt Reveals His Troubled Past On Video Plus, more of this interview uploading to CM Podcasts.  What’s Matt up to now and more on his family life.   Hope you enjoy former Hoarders TV Host Matt Paxton… his life lessons & what he’s up to now.

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