Hand of God Hattie KauffmanTV Newswoman’s Amazing Story

She says she could literally feel God’s hand on her head.  It happened while she was serving as a TV correspondent at Oscar weekend!  Hattie Kauffman was a longtime newswoman on the national TV networks, including CBS and ABC.

From Atheist News Business To The Hand of God

Enjoy Kauffman’s inspirational story of hope after trials of childhood neglect, family addiction and divorce.  Hattie Kauffman recently authored, Falling Into Place: A Memoir of Overcoming.

Get More of Her Inspirational Story

Kauffman has a unique story of growing up as a Native American, extreme poverty, alcoholism, child neglect and divorce.  As she overcame each of these trials, Kauffman offers inspiration to others facing the same trials. For more of Hattie Kauffman’s amazing story, hear more of this interview on “CM Podcasts” or visit hattiekauffman.com

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