BgmlfLjbqFOEfNt-556x313-noPad7-year-old Boy’s Dad Needs Miracle Drug To Live

Nick Auden was given just months to live…

but his wife & kids say there’s a miracle cure YOU can help him get.  The public might be able to help this dying father of three acquire this miracle cure just by signing a petition.  Go to (under “Save Locky’s Dad) and sign the petition there.

Hear more about this father’s story from Nick, himself, along with his wife, Amy.  Their story is heart-wrenching, but also motivating people to help worldwide.  This report comes from Angie Austin, who offers Good News For Moms for Channelmom viewers.  We’re hoping the story of “Locky’s Dad” will turn into “good news,” as people reach out to help.  You can help just by signing the petition!

More at and

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