Hoarders TV Show HostHoarders TV Show Host Gets Real

Unbelievable story of TV host’s past issues that put his life in jeopardy and how that led to his own recovery and healing.  Hoarders’ TV Show Host, Matt Paxton says his troubled past is what allows him to help hoarders — who often have homes filled with dead animals, feces, diapers, mold, maggots and more.

He Cleans Up Dead Cats, Dirty Diapers & More

No matter how disgusting the cleanup project, Matt has compassion for the emotional loss BEHIND the hoarding.  His troubled past led him to an ability to help others and even land his job on TV.   He explains his own story and what led him to see the emotional reasons that lead people to hoard. Eye-opening!

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More of this interview uploads to CM Podcasts soon or find Matt at cluttercleaner.com

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