fifty shades of grey movieAre We Called Uptight & Uncool If We HateThe Movie?

Is it uncool to oppose the objectification of women?  Is it uptight to think this movie attempts to make violence in pornography acceptable?  Are we weird if we don’t want our kids to see this as an example of a “good sex?”  [Reportedly, even the movie’s actress doesn’t want her mom to see it!]

Don’t See Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie… Here’s Why

Find out worst thing about Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie. Comedienne reveals why this movie makes her angry.  She claims those who bought the Fifty Shades Of Grey book should boycott the movie… and she points the finger at Christian women.

Christian Hypocrisy on Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Kerri Pomarolli is known as a “clean” comedienne, whose appeared on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central and more.  Open about her Christian faith, she takes aim at other Christians when it comes to compromising on their entertainment choices.

More Of This Interview

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