ChannelMom Prison Outreach for Moms

Stopping The Legacy of Incarceration

     ChannelMom Prison Outreach is a life-transforming program that partners with prisons in order to serve incarcerated moms and their children. We utilize a customized curriculum, entitled Forever Moms, in cooperation with ShesCherished and ENGAGE Parenting.

      [Profiled on Denver 7 HERE]

     The Forever Moms curriculum guides incarcerated moms toward inner healing AND a healthy approach to parenting while helping them reengage their children. We aim to restore each woman to the promise of her value in the eyes of God while also helping her understand her purpose as a mom. We have an overarching aim of stopping recidivism and halting the legacy of imprisonment that gets passed down from parent to child.

     We are currently serving at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility in Denver, Colorado with plans to expand soon to other facilities both in Colorado and other states. Want to Volunteer? To inquire about becoming a volunteer with ChannelMom Prison Outreach, email us:

We depend on your donations to help us continue serving moms in prison to transform the legacy left to their children… we’d be grateful if you’d give whatever you can HERE