I’m going to get personal.  I’m going to tell you how some personal losses of two family friends gave me perspective recently.  We’ve all had those perspective moments — moments when we GET perspective.  Often they are brought on by tragedy.  9-11 was one of those moments that gave us all perspective.  The perspective 9-11 gave us disappeared all too quickly.  I’ve had some perspective-givers in the last several years and in the last 2 weeks.

Have you ever noticed that “perspective” is almost always a positive word?  It’s because when you have perspective…  you remember what matters…. you reset your priorities… you treat people better… and, you pay attention to the important things.  But, do you know what interrupts a great perspective?  Something I like to call “busyness.”  Do ever notice what happens these days when you ask someone how they are doing?  “Oh, I’m so busy, busy, busy” seems to be the most typical answer.  Perhaps that’s because EVERYONE IS BUSY.   Think of all the ways we now have to communicate — facebook, twitter, linked in, email, texts, cell phone calls, landline calls and probably a few I’m forgetting about.  When I complained about this communication deluge on the channelmom facebook page recently (ironic?)… EVERY mom who responded AGREED with my complaint.
I also talked to a mom on the phone recently, who apologized for not getting back to me sooner.  She blamed “busyness.”  When I asked if she wanted to be that busy, she said, “no.”  When we get busy like this woman, what happens?  I’ll tell you what happens; we lose that great perspective.  We forget how much we want to hang out with our kids, instead of snapping at them in the middle of trying to send a text.  We forget that we want to work on our marriage or call our mom.  We forget we want to spend some time with that little old lady down the street who seems to have NO ONE to spend time with.  We forget that we want to go back to church… or help the homeless… or be kinder to our co-workers… or leave a legacy.  Busyness is a killer.  It kills perspective. It kills priorities.  It kills relationships.  It kills families.  It kills communities.  It kills kindness… and it can even kill love.  So for the days when busyness is getting me down and making me snap at my kids.  For the days when busyness is pulling me away from my proper perspective, I’ve come up with a saying.  “I can only do what I can do and God will do the rest.”  And, when I remember the truth of this saying, I calm down.  I remember what God’s priorities probably are — and they certainly aren’t to spend the night on facebook & ignore my kids… or watch TV all night and ignore my spouse… or order those new boots online instead of calling my mom.  And, so I urge you to do ONE thing this week… ONE THING to reject busyness and ACCEPT that great perspective you once had when something so serious happened, it pulled you out of your busyness.  Don’t let busy days steal your precious moments —  the ones you can never get back.

This commentary this morning is dedicated to my friend, Fire Chief Jeff Davis, who passed away on April 18th.  He was a blessing to many and had enough perspective to truly love his wife and kids.

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Jenny is passionate about the important role of mothers in modern America. She believes the role of moms is often overshadowed by popular culture values… like the spotlight we place on celebrities and the celebrity lifestyle. Jenny wants moms everywhere to understand they are celebrities to their Creator.

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