Jenny Dean Schmidt Head Shot Are you a mom who says, “I work from home?”  And by that, you could mean you’re a stay-at-home mom who does your “mom job” from home or a stay-at-home mom, who does an additional job working from home?

Well, sisters-in-arms, I’ve got a little rant about what we “moms who work from home” actually face on a daily basis.

Today, I arose before dawn at about 5:00AM.  I wrestled with the idea of getting out of bed that early, but knew I needed to get at it.  So…. I got up.  Put the whining Basset Hound outside.  The Golden Retriever quickly explained he needed to go out too.  Tried to talk to my husband who was on the elliptical WHILE he was watching TV news AND listening to a sports podcast (yes, at the same time).  Husband didn’t really want to listen to wife over two talking screens, so I just watched the TV news too… for about 2 minutes.  I proceeded to tidy and clean a few things.

Then, I climbed the stairs to my Bible.  Read the Bible.  Prayed a little.  Cleaned again.  Remembered I forgot to put my son’s football jersey in the dryer.  Went downstairs to dry said jersey. My son awoke soon after that.  I got out his vitamin supplements (yes, the whole food kind) and a glass of water for him.  Took my own supplements.  Made a cup of something hot while son was taking a shower.  Let the dogs back in.  Cleaned again. Went back to reading the Bible.  Checked in on my son and husband downstairs.  Went back upstairs to retrieve my son’s shoes.  Hugged husband and son goodbye, as they went off to work and school.

Sat down to prepare for a meeting and work on this website because, remember, I work from home.  Woke my daughter up.  Read her devotional with her.  Prepared her breakfast and supplements. Went down to do 10 minutes of exercise before I had to drive her to school early for a student council meeting.

Came back home to finish my exercises for another 20 minutes.  Took a sink shower.  Cleaned again to prepare for meeting with business associate at my home/office.  Cleaning house before a meeting ONLY happens if you work from home.  Got back in the car to go BACK to the school for my daughter’s awards ceremony.  Yes,  I’d just been AT the school an hour earlier.  Ceremony started late. Rushed back home for business meeting.

Business meeting started late.  Cleaned while I waited.  Conducted business meeting in my cubby squished in the hall between our kids’ bedrooms.  Business meeting ends.  I start to write this blog.

Here’s the thing… if you’re a mom (or dad) who works from home, you don’t really work one job.  You work about twelve at the same time.  I won’t even list them.  You know what I’m talking about.  I have to stop writing this blog now because I have to finish something on the website, prepare for the radio show, rehearse for a speech I’m giving tomorrow, pick up some dry cleaning and, then, pick up my daughter from school.  Then, it’s off to my husband & son’s football game (dad’s the coach… son plays) and then back home late.  Will rise early to go give a speech… and EVERY mom at the speech will understand when I tell them about my day today.

I am blessed… but very, very busy… working from home.

God bless moms who work from home.




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Jenny is passionate about the important role of mothers in modern America. She believes the role of moms is often overshadowed by popular culture values… like the spotlight we place on celebrities and the celebrity lifestyle. Jenny wants moms everywhere to understand they are celebrities to their Creator.

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