jill duggar dillard-babyJill Duggar Baby News: Flashback To Before Birth

Best laid plans… find out what Jill Duggar Dillard said before the birth of baby boy, Israel, to see how things can change. It’s our latest on Jill Duggar Baby News… kinda cute to see how the young mom planned to approach birth and what actually happened when Israel was born.

Flashback To Jill’s Hopes For Birth

Enjoy a quick, flashback clip to see how Jill hoped the birth of her baby would go… then find out how it really went.  Plus, find out how much… much… later baby Israel was born than predicted and what he weighed after his extra time in the womb! Congrats to Jill and ALL the moms who have birthed or adopted children into their lives.

More From This Show

More of this show is uploading soon to CM Podcasts… plus you can follow the latest in Jill and Derick (and Israel) Dillard’s life at:


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