kara tippetts storyKara Tippetts Story: Dying Mom’s Amazing Advice

Every parent should hear this last advice from a mom before her death.  Kara Tippetts story has been followed by tens of thousands nationwide, as they watched this young mom chronicle her cancer battle on her blog Mundane Faithfulness.  We feature a snippet of our Flashback Interview with Kara and an update on how her battle came to an end.

Her Parenting Advice Is Powerful

May it bless those who have the courage to listen & respond.  Must hear this if you’re a parent.  Some of the best advice you’ll ever get… a friend listened to this clip and it changed her day as a mom.  This interview was featured on our 1st new radio show on Salem’s Radio Network, KRKS FM 94.7 in Denver.

 More On This Interview

More of this show uploading soon to CM Podcasts or visit Kara Tippetts facebook page @mundanefaithfulness. Help us syndicate nationwide by clicking Give To CM” on our Home Page and pledging as little as $10 per month.

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