Strobel On Spiritual Mismatch3 Tips When Spouse Doesn’t Share Your Faith

OK, so you’re a ‘believer” and your spouse isn’t…. or vice versa.  What do you do?  Bestselling author Lee Strobel offers 3 Quick Tips to help you survive and thrive in a “spiritual mismatch.”

Strobel On Spiritual Mismatch With His Wife

Strobel wrote Surviving A Spiritual Mismatch In Marriage with his wife, Leslie, to help folks struggling with “unbelieving” spouses.  [Strobel was once an atheist journalist, while Leslie was a devoted Christian.]  Their book and suggested tips are designed to help relationships that are stuck, due to disagreements over God.  Offers great hope & help, plus a little grace, for your spouse!

More From Bestselling Author Lee Strobel On Spiritual Mismatch

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