God in HeavenDying Girl Had 1 Thing To Give…

To Her Long Last Daddy Before Dying.  She says she heard words from God, specifically for her father.  This heart-touching story is one of many true stories told in Leanne Hadley’s new book, Touching Heaven: Real Stories of Children, Life & Eternity. 

Message From God In Heaven

Whether you’re a believer in God or not, this little girl’s story has a powerful lesson for everyone.  Unexpected kindness she passed on to a father who had been absent from her life for years.

More Heaven Stories

Author of Touching Heaven, Leanne Hadley, worked as a hospital chaplain and watched many children enter into eternity.  Her stories are bittersweet, but offer a hope of heaven that so many need.  Powerful book for those who have lost children.  More on “CM Podcasts” and at First Steps Spirituality Center.

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