McDermott Weight TipsMoms Can Lose Winter Weight

After winter, moms may want to lose a few… and kids have developed bad eating habits. So, this is your chance to lose a few pounds and get your kids on the health track with one, really cool invention!  Our Healthy Boost Expert, Annemarie McDermott, offers a wealth of quick tips with visible results!

Kids Can Start To Eat Healthy Again!

Summer provides a way to get your children to love healthy foods… and one, unique invention offers a creative way to get kids excited about fruits and veggies.  So while moms say goodbye to winter weight, kids can benefit with a healthier approach too!

More On Healthy Eating & Weight Loss

For MORE on Tower Garden, click HERE.  Or visit to order the Tower Garden and get fabulous health & weight loss ideas!  The rest of this interview posts to CM Podcasts soon!

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