HoardersThe #1 Hurt That Makes People Hoard

Hoarders TV Host Matt Paxton reveals his unique approach to helping hoarders empty their houses and heal.  Paxton describes unbelievable conditions of the homes he sees, but also reveals his compassion for each person with the problem.

Unbelievable Stories About Cats & More

Matt reveals some of the most incredible situations in hoarder’s homes and how he’s been able to help.  Sometimes, it takes months for Matt to get folks to trust him enough to let him clean their home.  Matt partners with ServiceMaster, which offers a strong commitment to serving people with compassion.  ServiceMaster’s, Joe Steffens explains.

How To Get Help

More on how to get help with a hoarding situation at cluttercleaner.com or servicemaster.com OR go to “CM Podcasts” to watch the rest of this interview!

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