weight loss with annemarieDaily Drink Could Prevent Future Weight Loss

THIS common drink may be to blame if you’re having trouble losing weight.  Our Healthy Boost expert talks about how caffeine in coffee or other products can affect the body in a way that prevents future weight loss.  Great tips for healthier body & mind.

Plus How Supplements Help Or Hurt Your Body Fitness

Annemarie McDermott talks about which supplements are almost useless and which are effective toward greater health and weight loss.  Plus, why “diet” doesn’t have to be part of your vocabulary if you take a new approach to transforming your body and mind.

More On Being A Healthier You

Annemarie understands your struggles and offers low-pressure, no-nonsense solutions.  More of this interview on CM Podcasts or visit Annemarie at Crazy for Nutrition.   And see our Sponsor Jeff Smith, who supports a Healthy Boost for You!

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