Miracles From Heaven Christy BeamThe Heaven Story That Saved Her Life

This could be the inspiration you need today.  Miraculous story of young girl with incurable disease and the fall that changed everything.  Her heavenly vision showed her something she could not have possibly known without divine inspiration.  Hear from Annabel and Christy Beam, who wrote Miracles From Heaven in this inspiring interview.

Miracles From Heaven Book Inspires New Movie

An inspiring miracle, as young girl with 2 incurable diseases suffers a horrific fall.  What she saw and what happened afterward are nothing short of miraculous.  We talk to Annabel Beam’s mom, Christy, who tells the story in her new book, Miracles From Heaven.

More Miracles From Heaven

More on this story (soon to be a movie) and Annabel Beam’s amazing story at christybeam.com and at CM Podcasts.

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