Laine & Steve Craft Save MarriageIf You Want To Save Marriage… Do This

And, the answer is NOT find a new spouse.   If your marriage is in trouble… discover one unique approach that’s proven to save marriage.  Laine & Steve Lawson wanted to divorce, but then they hit on one idea that miraculously rescued their marriage.

She Walked Up The Driveway And Said…

How about we Start Again From Scratch?   She admits she loved to hate her husband and he couldn’t get far enough away from her!  They were destined for divorce, but this idea changed everything.  Laine shares this couple’s marriage-saving lesson on ChannelMom Radio… from the book she co-wrote with the man who is STILL her husband,  Start Again From Scratch

How To Save Marriage

More of this interview on CM Podcasts or get more help from Steve and Laine Craft at

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