P&G Olympics AdWhy P&G Olympics Ad Causes Tears

Probably because the new P&G Olympics Ad for Sochi contains one very poignant lesson and a little thanks for every mom out there.   The Procter &  Gamble ad includes footage of moms and children that almost every mom can identify with… even if they haven’t raised an Olympic athlete!

Ad Going Viral As Moms Respond

With over 11 million views, the P&G Olympics Ad qualifies as having gone viral.  The fact that it’s so popular is a testament to the chord it strikes in the hearts of moms and the children who’ve been raised by them.  Thank you P&G.

P&G Proud Sponsor Of Moms

Recognizing moms as the major consumer of P&G products (Pampers, Tide, Bounty, Crest, Pantene and more), company officials say they’ve made a concerted effort to honor the people who buy their products… for their role in raising Olympians or just raising good children.  Watch the full P&G Ad HERE.  Also, more of this interview on “CM Podcasts.”


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