Jenny, Channelmom Show HostAs I was driving PAST a Porsche the other day, I got a lesson in Pride vs. Porsche.  The lesson was this: I was driving behind the Porsche, as we began the long ascent up a mountain road near my home.  I thought to myself, “why on earth is he ONLY going 45 miles per hour if he’s driving a PORSCHE?” So, I proceeded to push my SUV’s pedal to the metal and passed that Porsche by.  After I passed him, I thought, “I guess he has nothing to prove with his Porsche.”  I, on the other hand, ALWAYS have something to prove on the roadways.   When I’m driving our 7-year-old Volvo, which has Turbo, I’m actually mildly OFFENDED when someone passes ME by.  I think, “don’t they know how powerful this fancy car is?”  So, I quickly prove it to them… by one-upping them in the passing department.  Meanwhile, after I passed the nothing-to-prove Porsche, I realized something.  I was MORE impressed with the Porsche-driving person because he chose NOT to show off his race car engine… than I would have been if he HAD chosen to show it off.  And then, I realized something else… a metaphor for life.  When we excel at something and choose to show it off by announcing it… we are actually LESS impressive in our excellence than if we say NOTHING at all… and just stay in the slow lane tooling along at 45.

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Jenny is passionate about the important role of mothers in modern America. She believes the role of moms is often overshadowed by popular culture values… like the spotlight we place on celebrities and the celebrity lifestyle. Jenny wants moms everywhere to understand they are celebrities to their Creator.

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