raising difficult child Raising A Difficult Child Just Got Easier

If you feel alone in your efforts to raise a difficult or rage-filled child, there’s a way to get beyond it!  Recess For Mom author, Susan Evans Whitlock, shares one surprising thing you should know.

Understanding Of The Raging Or Difficult Kid

There is a great deal of information packed in this interview about the cause of rage or defiance in some children.  Discussion of RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) and other issues tied to hurting kids, who are sometimes hard to parent!

Help For Adoptive & Foster Parents

Whitlock has a new book that offers a Recess For Mom!  Plus, she offers comforting words of understanding and surefire advice to help any parent raising a difficult child!  More at susanevanswhitlock.com and catch more of this interview on CM podcasts.

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