images-20The Vacation: See The Surprising Outcome For Marriage

Did it Help Or Hurt The Marriage? See How Differently Wife & Husband View Same Event… Does This Happen in YOUR Marriage?

Save That Marriage shows marital struggles of successful, suburban couple as they receive intensive coaching & training from marriage experts. The goal of the web show is to Save That Marriage and highlight strategies allowing viewers to improve their own marriages. Seen on Channelmom.Com.

Save That Marriage – Exclusive series done for Channelmom to help moms with their marriages:

Channelmom aims to help moms with typical “mom issues” and one of the most pressing is marital strife.  Channelmom secured a Licensed Counselor (LPC) and mother of 6, Jami Kirkbride, to tackle the marriage problems of a struggling couple.  The couple’s on-camera arguments are similar to those that unfold in many marriages; and, the counseling sessions contain helpful marriage advice for women working to save their own relationships.  Keep up with the series and be blessed!

Link to More Marriage Advice for Women:

More from Save That Marriage counselor & author, Jami Kirkbride, at  and learn more about Jami’s new book, The You Zoo, at

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