Mom Health: Research Shows THIS Is Culprit Causing Disease…

Learn what the latest research says is tied to at least 90% of all modern health problems and diseases… from arthritis to diabetes to depression. Auto immune disorders, constipation, skin rashes, lack of libido, aches and pains, fatigue, allergies, asthma and acne are also tied to this issue. It’s all about the damage caused to one area of your body–increasing the level of toxins in the body and even leading to premature aging. Learn the cause and cure for this condition of the gut from Dr. Fliegel of Living Water Holistic Health. Find healing for and your family!

Learn About “Leaky Gut Syndrome” and How To Overcome It

Revealing Symptoms and What Causes Them

Learn Which Foods Are To Blame and How To Heal!

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Jenny is passionate about the important role of mothers in modern America. She believes the role of moms is often overshadowed by popular culture values… like the spotlight we place on celebrities and the celebrity lifestyle. Jenny wants moms everywhere to understand they are celebrities to their Creator.

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