Single Mom NeedsAre Single Moms Too Needy For Their Friends?

Which single moms admit to feeling like the “needy” ones? Find out why it’s OK to be needy! Plus, good tips for figuring out who to ask for help and how often. Our Single Mom Blogger, Erin Szczerba, tackles this sensitive issue to REALLY help single moms feelingl ashamed of asking for help.

Why Single Mom Needs Are OK

How to stop feeling like the “needy” single mom and to get help from people when you really need it!  One mom calls into Channelmom Radio and admits her particular struggle on-air.  Hear Erin’s helpful advice for the caller’s single mom needs.

More For Single Moms & More Of This Interview

Visit Erin’s single mom blog HERE and hear the rest of this interview uploading to CM Podcasts soon!


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