ChannelMom Compassion Fund

Compassion Fund for Single Moms In Need

ChannelMom’s Compassion Fund is designated to assist single moms and their kids who are in jeopardy of losing their mode of transportation, access to safe housing or food provisions.

Click HERE to fill out Compassion Fund Application [Application processing takes up to three weeks.]

We have an application process that allows us to determine need as well as to make a decision about moms who should receive temporary support from our Compassion Fund. Please note that it can take up to two weeks to process an application and issue assistance. The purpose of the Fund is to give a mom a “leg up” to get her back on a stable path for her and her children. We also provide follow-up mentoring, if acceptable, to moms who receive support from our Compassion Fund.

We depend on your donations to help us continue serving struggling single moms and their kids… we’d be grateful if you’d give whatever you can HERE