get-attachment-1_2Simple Solution For Kids Who Throw Fits:

Parenting Expert Says It Worked On Her Daughter… Anne Wiggins, Co-author of Parenting From The Heights explains simple technique for stopping temper tantrums.  Parents struggling with tantrum-throwing toddlers can use this tip!

Mother-Daughter Help With Child Discipline:

Anne Wiggins and her mom, Linda Williams (a longtime school teacher) offer wise advice that works.  Their step-by-step recommendations have proven successful for many parents.  Time-tested & scripture-based, this principled approach to parenting can turn your home from chaos to peace.

Tips On How To Organize Family Life

The co-author of Parenting From The Heights, Linda Williams offers tips to stop being overwhelmed by the chaos of busy family schedules.  See her advice here:

More on Tantrums and Saying “No” As A Mom

Hear the rest of Anne Wiggins’ interview on “CM Podcasts.”


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