Melissa Sytsma
Executive Assistant

As the Executive Assistant at ChannelMom, Melissa Sytsma seamlessly blends her administrative expertise with a profound commitment to family and faith. A military spouse and devoted mother, Melissa has traversed various states across the U.S., embracing each new adventure with grace and resilience. Her journey has been one of constant adaptation, from Pennsylvania to California, Louisiana to North Carolina, and now Colorado. Through each transition, Melissa has found joy in exploring new communities, connecting with others, and nurturing her family's journey.

With a background in executive assistance and a passion for God-guided living, Melissa brings a unique blend of professionalism and warmth to her role. She values honesty, transparency, and creativity, always striving to be a guiding light for her family and others around her. Melissa finds fulfillment in the simple joys of motherhood and the blessings of military life, cherishing every moment with her husband and son. Her return to the workforce with ChannelMom is not just a professional endeavor but a deeply personal one.

Melissa sees this opportunity as a chance to blend her talents with her heart's desire to encourage and uplift fellow mothers, creating a ripple effect of positivity and support within the ChannelMom community and beyond.

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