the thinking momThinking Mom Blog: Are You Raising a Deborah or a Martha? 

By Michelle Walters

OK, moms – put your steel-toe shoes on because we’re about to tread into some controversial territory. I read an article a few months ago that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. Since the article’s topic is one worth discussing, I started this blog post and then thought “too controversial…too feminist” and proceeded to delete it. But the deleted post kept nagging at me from the grave, so here you go.

The topic?  “Is Homemaking the Church’s New Idol?” []. The point the Breakpoint article makes is this: there seems to be an abundance of Christian blogs and websites devoted to promoting the art of homemaking and child-rearing, which “is unintentionally feeding an idolization of a domestic sphere that many Christians will never inhabit.” The author’s point is that we should be teaching our daughters to become women who will hear and respond to God’s Calling in their lives, whether or not that Calling is in the domestic arena.

Now, don’t get me wrong – raising children and keeping a home are both an art and a science, and, thanks to social media, modern day moms are educating each other and sharing best practices (I love saving ideas for recipes and birthday parties on Pinterest just as much as you do). But how intentional are we about teaching our girls to listen to God’s Voice in their lives as much as we teach them to clean the house or make a casserole?

There is no argument that Deborah and Martha were Godly women, and that the Bible speaks highly of them both. Deborah was Israel’s only female judge, and was known for her wisdom and courage (Judges 4).  Martha was an incredible Keeper of the home whose hospitality was renown (Luke 10:38-41). These women had very different talents, yet they both passionately served God and his Kingdom.

The author of the article, Rachel McMillan, sums this up perfectly: “Let’s concentrate not on raising homemakers specifically, but raising women of God—women who are virtuous and strong, who can sew a button and raise children, but can also hear His calling beyond a domestic sphere. Let’s make sure our daughters are modest and virtuous and that they protect what is important to them and they walk strong in God. Let’s teach them to cherish the domestic arts but also let them know that the skills they hone may not flourish in a conventional format.”

So, moms…are you raising a Deborah or a Martha?

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