Asheley-MerrymanLosing is Good For Kids

New York Times Bestselling Author, Ashley Merryman, says losing can be good for kids, in her new book Top Dog: The Science of Winning & Losing Merryman also offers up strategies for helping your child learn to take risks & win well.

Kids Sports: Too Many Trophies?

When we level playing field TOO MUCH in kids sports, the kids lose.  Merryman and co-author, Po Bronson, say kids learn they can give “mediocre” effort and still get rewarded.  The result is kids learn not to try too hard!

Are We Creating A Lazy Work Force?

Are today’s over-awarded kids becoming tomorrow’s entitled workers?  Will they expect bonuses just for “showing up?”  Merryman says we can already see evidence of this in the modern work force. More of Ashley Merryman’s interview on “CM Podcasts.”



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