Jenny Dean Schmidt
Founder & Executive Director

With a career spanning the realms of television news reporting and now as the Executive Director and Radio Host at ChannelMom, Jenny Dean Schmidt brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role. Before embracing motherhood, Jenny's professional journey saw her as an on-air reporter, producer, and writer for prestigious media outlets including ABC News, PBS, and various major U.S. network affiliates. Her accolades include an Emmy Award for her coverage of the 1996 U.S. Presidential race. Throughout her career, Jenny has had the privilege of interviewing presidents, politicians, and celebrities, covering high-profile events such as the OJ Simpson trial and the Columbine massacre.

Despite her remarkable achievements in the media industry, Jenny's heart has always been drawn to the essential role of mothers in modern society. She firmly believes that the portrayal of motherhood in popular culture often fails to capture its true value and significance. It's this conviction that fuels her commitment to ChannelMom's mission of empowering and supporting mothers. Jenny is dedicated to providing a platform where moms can find encouragement, guidance, and community. She believes that every mother's role is invaluable, not only to her family but also to the broader fabric of society. 

Through ChannelMom, Jenny endeavors to remind mothers of their priceless worth in the eyes of both society and God, empowering them to embrace their calling with confidence and purpose.

We invite you to join the conversation and connect with ChannelMom on our website. Leave comments or questions, or volunteer to help us empower moms in need. Together, let's support moms to make the world better!