Transformative Outreach for Moms in Prison & Beyond

Welcome to ChannelMom, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering and uplifting mothers from all walks of life. Our mission is simple yet profound: to extend a helping hand to marginalized single moms and incarcerated moms, guiding them and their children toward a brighter future. Through our outreach programs, we provide mentorship, support, and resources to navigate life's challenges with resilience and hope.

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Nurturing Hearts, We Have the Resources

We stand as a beacon of hope and support for mothers everywhere. Our mission is clear: to support, uplift, and empower mothers in their journey of motherhood. Through our comprehensive programs and resources, we aim to nurture the hearts of mothers, benefiting not only their children but also uplifting entire families.

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Empowering Mothers to Shape the Future

At ChannelMom, we hold a steadfast belief in the profound impact mothers have on shaping the future of our world. We recognize and celebrate the inherent potential within every mom to offer one of the most precious gifts to society: a child well-raised. Our mission is rooted in empowering mothers to embrace this potential and cultivate it to its fullest extent. Through our programs and resources, we provide mothers with the support, guidance... Read more

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The Podcast

Tune in to our podcast for empowering stories, insightful advice, and uplifting messages tailored for moms everywhere.


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Outreach Programs

Discover our outreach programs aimed at supporting marginalized single moms and incarcerated moms.

We invite you to join the conversation and connect with ChannelMom on our website. Leave comments or questions, or volunteer to help us empower moms in need. Together, let's support moms to make the world better!

We aim to love, coach and encourage EVERY mom who needs it.
We deliver the truth to moms that they are valuable in God’s eyes.
We believe in a mom’s potential to offer our world the profound gift of a child well-raised.

Isaiah 58: 11-12

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